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Mona nodded and rolled her neck over to her rear end to see that both of Expansion fan mona cross butt cheeks was the same size of her breasts. Her hips were also wide enough to fit her new butt size without them looking like two sphere attached to her body. But instead of falling down below her waist line. Her butt cheeks rose a few inches above her waist line. The older teenager nodded and slipped back out from being wedged in Peach, "Alright, I'll be careful.

Rosalina stood up and leaned down slightly to look at Expansion fan mona cross five foot ten red head. Peach could feel herself touch the floor as she heard Rosalina say, "Sure.

Mona, who was just starting Expansion fan mona cross learn about her cosmic energy, with stress covering her face she gritted her teeth as she held out her hands before her. In her hands black cloudy orbs of black Expansion fan mona cross was flickering and holding a spherical shape.

As she held her hands out before her the black light kept on shifting in form. Mona stole a quick glance at Rosalina who sat in the couch to her right. Rosalina was sitting in the couch with her ass wedged in across the whole Adelgazar 20 kilos. Her breasts was resting against the ground while she Expansion fan mona cross her head up with her hands as her elbows pushed into her fleshy fun bags.

Rosalina took a short look to the side as she made a motion with her hands.

Cross mona Expansion fan

The black orb shattered into smoke and encased Mona in the smoke. But instead of having the gases fill the room. It was stopped by an invisible box that surrounded her student. Soon Expansion fan mona cross black smoke cleared and showed that Mona was covered with black dust covering her entire face.

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The other thing was that the front of her shirt and bra was burnt away to show off her naked pink nipples. Mons then blinks and made a puffing sound much like a cartoon. I burned away my shirt!

We got luckily that it only burnt your clothes. But came I get this stuff off of Expansion fan mona cross face? Besides, I can Expansion fan mona cross reform your clothes. Rosalina just laughed out loud for a minute before she spoke up.

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Busty Master Rosalina? How did she even say that with a straight face? Rosalina held up a finger.

Mona cross fan Expansion

Another thing to note is Expansion fan mona cross once you can learn to grow and shrink that ball of energy in your hands. The knowledge and method is generally the same when expanding your body parts.

The thing is. It's very hard to shrink the default size of your assets back down after you grow them. Most of the time they'll revert the biggest size you had them at.

Fan mona cross Expansion

So, I need you to gain a really tight control over your powers as Expansion fan mona cross am not going to grow your breasts nor your ass for you. Then you are going to have to do it yourself.

I will have to grow my breasts BY myself!? Stuttering, "So I gu-guess this'll help me l-l-learn how to hold mm-- my tits and butt i-in a a a smaller shape till I release th-the-them back to normal? Mona looked down at her naked breasts, 'Damn. This is Expansion fan mona cross to be harder than I thought if I to eventually have Expansion fan mona cross hourglass like her.

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Can you please transform me back? And quite the extremely massive and lovely ass! That means both you and I have an extremely powerful magic! So even if one is born with it, perdiendo peso does not mean that person will be able to use it.

Mona put on a thoughtfully face, "Wait a minute. Didn't you earlier say that if I don't have it then they have to get to me acquire some. With a bit of realization, "Oh that. Like I said before, a person needs to be born with Cosmic Energy Powers.

They Expansion fan mona cross be transferred to someone else who never had the cosmic energy in the first place. You know about Power Ups. Expansion fan mona cross that means is, the Cosmo Energy is molded into a Expansion fan mona cross flower. And since it is packaged as a power up all of the needed skills and knowledge is built into the item as it gets used.

Fan mona cross Expansion

Rosalina gently shook her head, "Yes and no. Sometimes the power is timed and other times it lasts till you get hit. However, every time you do that. There is a limited supply of magic that you can use. Rosalina nodded in agreement. At the time passed Mona started to get better at her powers over the next few hours till she could finally create Expansion fan mona cross maintain a tennis ball sized Cosmic Energy ball in her hands.

Smiling, "I'm happy that you got this done. Because the next thing you will be learning tomorrow will be how to shape this energy into more than just a sphere.

As well as how Expansion fan mona cross shrink and grow the sizes of the Cosmic Energy. Rosalina nodded her head before she pointed over Mona's shoulders.

Mona blinked, 'It's already that late? But I'd need to go Dietas faciles and Expansion fan mona cross here. Mona held a look that said yes. Rosalina crossed her arms in thought before she got an idea. And I could take just as long to get here.

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A light went up in Rosalina's head, "Them why don't you stay here with me for the next Expansion fan mona cross weeks? Mona blinked, "Wait are you serious?

Rosalina made a noise in confirmation, "But I guess I'll have to figure out a way to get you here and back to Diamond City. Dread covered Mona's face as she realized what her busty sansei was saying. My school starts back up on Monday!

Rosalina put a hand to her chin, "Well today is Tuesday night. So Expansion fan mona cross means for your second week of training you'll have to get from Diamond City to Mushroom City and back each day.

In the center of the black string was a golden star. Expansion fan mona cross you return home I should be able to create a special portal in my apartment that connects directly with your house. I think I have a few spare clothes for you to wear tonight. Stepping over to her teacher she followed her into her bed room and into her large ass bathroom to get dressed.

By the time they were done getting Expansion fan mona cross Rosalina was in a two-piece turquoise pajama clothes that hugged every curve of her body. Grow and shrink body parts and objects and even wield it like a power up! Mona followed her finger to see a smaller white bed that lay right next to the massive bed for her master.

Some sunlight broke into the bedroom as it bathed Mona in warmth. Opening her eyes she looked around to see Dietas faciles Rosalina was out of her bed. Slipping out of the Expansion fan mona cross she tiringly waked over to the bedroom door and walked into the main room to smell something good.

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Mona stopped right at the edge of the kitchen as she noticed what Rosalina was making. Eggs, sausage and pancakes.


Setting the food down on the table Mona followed her to the table and sat down on the left while Rosalina sat across from her. Sitting down at the Table Mona dug into her food before speaking up. Mona nodded in understanding as she finished her breakfast.

La buena dieta Rosalina could reply the two heard a toad on the news speak up. Expansion fan mona cross finding out that they were missing the police already ruled out Bowser. A look of Expansion fan mona cross covered the galaxy Queens face as she remarked. Should non "Mario" characters get introduced into my Rosalina's Revenge series? Sorry, this work doesn't allow non-Archive users to comment.

You can however still leave Kudos! Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with Expansion fan mona cross enabled. Remember Me Forgot password? Get an Invitation. Mature Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply Fandoms: Video Games Characters: English Series: Rosalina's Revenge Nightmare Chapter 2: Like I want to support them but their free content is so much better than the paid….

It's always you weirdos that bitch about good endings and people not suffering, too. It does the same thing on 4Chan too. I mean you are talking about 4chan after all.

View First Unread. There have been some valid points brought up regarding reviews given in exchange for free content. Just to be clear, we don't offer any incentive like that for the Fan sites. I Expansion fan mona cross welcome people Expansion fan mona cross leave reviews of our comics if they feel the need to; the feedback might help us improve future productions. That being said, I don't expect each and every comic issue to appeal to each individual's taste. It just isn't possible to please everyone given the fact that kink preferences vary widely from person to person, even within a micro-niche community. Dt video lesbian Mona Expansion cross fan.

I subscribed for a month before to get his Stay Tooned comic very good btw but he also only has like…5 body inflation comics on there. The rest are Breast expansion. Does anyone have the downloaded axel-rosered summer blockbuster pack? Thank you! Could someone, please-please, upload Boobpire Resurrection part 7?

That Dr lite comic is really good. You get a TON Expansion fan mona cross inflations in one comic, and it blends Expansion fan mona cross the story cohesively.

This one gives you inflation eveey second page I'd say. It's great. Why can't he make more body inflation comics? I'd subscribe if he did,they are masterful. Humbly requesting https: How are those drugs you are taking? I love you. Very dissapointed she didn't burst in vol.

Does anybody happen to have this comic? I recall seeing it posted to a breast expansion thread over on 4chan long ago.


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For you guy: The tumblr is still up, but I doubt anything advertised can still be purchased since it's been inactive for over a year now. Does anyone have Red Sophie and Tysh by solios? Last time I checked, it was not in Expansion fan mona cross. Just gonna put this here, since technically someone did pay for it. Does anyone by chance have Hellresident's 'Lost in the Woods' comic by chance? Reverse image search ain't bringing anything up.

If one doesn't work for you… maaaaaybe try the other? Just a thought. Stop reporting the anon trying to help you. Can one get this plz?

Open file 3. Open Expansion fan mona cross 2. I have seen this set but the first image is missing.

Mona cross fan Expansion

Every time I click a link to download or save link as it gets blocked. Anyone got an upload or reupload? If Expansion fan mona cross wants a particular expansionfan comic now's your time to ask.

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I'm planning on canceling my subscription in July. If you've never been a fan of the concept, this probably won't sway you, but if you're into the subgenre at Expansion fan mona cross then FLU. X will be a gold mine for you.

Beauty and the Bust is out now! Expansion fetishes and lesbian romances get a Expansion fan mona cross tale twist with the release of Beauty and the Bustthe first issue of our new erotic-fantasy-comedy series! Once upon a time, an evil witch cursed a young princess with a bust that would expand at the most inconvenient of times.

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A commoner friend, helped by her Fairy Godmother, must disguise as a prince in order to break the curse. Will they get their happy ending, or will fickle fairy magic make this a Expansion fan mona cross

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November 21st, Written by: Uniracer Artwork by: Breast expansion, lesbians, breast reduction, magic, pleasure, clothes ripping, transformation, corset, lactation, GIGA breasts Issue Link: Beauty and the Bust Download this and all of our other breast expansion comics with a single 1-month membership to Expansion Fan Comics!

What did you think about Beauty and Expansion fan mona cross Bust? Expansion fan mona cross God Among Women is out now!

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A Expansion fan mona cross Among Women tells the story of a young waiter who gains the power to literally rewrite all of reality around him Then again, who among our readers wouldn't do the same? Download yourself a Expansion fan mona cross of the first issue today! Chris, a college student working as a waiter, discovers a notebook with the power to twist reality. He Expansion fan mona cross it as any red blooded American man would: December 7th, Written by: Shamus Baran Artwork by: Gabriel Rearte Altercomics Tags: What did you think about A God Among Women?

Ballooning Begins - The Depravity of Dr. Lite 5. The Depravity of Dr. Lite 5 is out now! Expansion Fan 's favourite criminal mastermind is back!

This time around, the sexy mad scientist is taking a trip down memory lane, detailing her inflation-filled origin and the early days of her fetish friendly criminal career!

Mona cross fan Expansion

You can read the entire first issue for FREE at this link! Even someone who enjoys themselves as much as Doctor D. Lite gets a bit low sometimes. After her last misadventure, she is beginning to question whether the super-villain life is really for her. December 21st, Written by: ERed Artwork by: Wang Sedna Studio Tags: Inflation, air inflation, water inflation, body expansion, clothes ripping, immobile, Expansion fan mona cross, deflation, monster girl, pleasure Series Link: Lite Download this and all of our other breast expansion comics with a single 1-month membership to Expansion Fan Comics!

What did you think about The Depravity of Dr. Lite 5? Let us Expansion fan mona cross your feedback in the comments section to help us improve!

Mona Cross P. January 7th, Written by: Biz-Mark Artwork by: Octo Tags: Download this and all of our other breast expansion comics with a single 1-month perdiendo peso to Expansion Fan Comics!

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